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Are you still searching, or do you already park in a KLAUS Multiparking system?

KLAUS Multiparking has been one of the leading manufacturers of parking systems in Germany for almost 50 years. We have representations in over 65 countries worldwide. Our headquarters is in the south of Germany close to the Lake of Constance.


Elite Parking is the Exclusive Agent for Klaus Multi-parking GmbH in Egypt, with an experience of more than 14 years in Egypt in the field of mechanical and automatic parking with over 450 parking spaces installed and running trouble free.



Parker systems are systems that can be used inside and outside buildings, both as dependent and independent systems, based on the chosen type. Some of these systems do not require any site preparation and can be installed after construction, and the rest requires a pit to store the cars at the lower level. Models can be adjusted to the different demands regarding dimensions and weights by considering the constructional conditions

Semi-automatic parking systems


The Semi-automated parking systems are revolutionary and yet cost worthy solutions providing independent parking solutions which can be used in public parking areas such as clubs, shopping malls or private company parking areas and luxury residential buildings. The system automatically provides the required parking space after the parking process is triggered by the user. Design, reliability and adjustment options meet the highest demands.

Fully-automatic parking systems


The Fully-Automated parking systems are the flagship of ours systems. Here, the user enters with his car and parks it on a pallet - and that is all he has to do. The rest is done by the system. The system moves the pallet to a free space in the storage area. When exiting the system, all the user has to do is to request his car on the system, and the system transfers the pallet with his car at his disposal ready for exiting in forward direction. We take care of your wishes all you have to do is provide the building.

Parking pallets


The Pallet systems offer optimal use of available space, and they can be integrated into existing garages or car parks at a later date. The parking pallets moving on rails are moved longitudinally or transversely using an electric motor, thus giving access to the desired parking space. Thus, additional parking space can be created In unused areas and driveways. The parking pallets, which can be moved longitudinally, are available for one car and for two cars. This is the best way of using existing parking area more effectively and providing more parking spaces.


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